Our brand history

Autorama has grown from a used car dealership in Cow Roast near Tring, there to a company that is part of a small band of selected brands that have the opportunity to brand our national stadium at Wembley.

From A porta cabin to wembley stadium

It hasn’t always been plain sailing, advice through the choppy waters of the 2008 credit crunch the business emerged with a fresh approach to customer service and set upon a course to disrupt and lead our sector.

You’re now a part of that story and join us at a time where we have the greatest opportunity in our short history. With Vanarama Cars joining the brand family in 2015 we have spread our wings from the commercial sector to personal leasing, prescription opening ourselves up to 99% of new vehicle registrations in the UK.

Our brand is stronger than ever, the opportunity bigger than ever and with a growing, dedicated and professional workforce we’re constantly looking for a bigger boat!

And in 2017 that’s exactly what we’ll have. A shiny new boat to take us to destinations as yet unchartered.

  • 2004 Started by Andy Alderson in Cow Roast, Tring
  • 2007 Vanarama launched and grew to 18 staff within 3 years
  • 2008 Credit crunch hits. Staff reduced from 18 to 6 in six weeks
  • 2009 New direction and approach to business
  • 2012 Rebrand started
  • 2012 Franchise network launched
  • 2013 First TV advert launched
  • 2014 New offices & football sponsorship deal
  • 2015 Vanarama Cars launched
  • 2016 New adverts for Cars and Vans and Conversion Rate Optimisation takes effect

Who we are & what we do

  • Started as a used car dealership in 2004
  • Pickup Trucks brand created and quickly became the leader in it’s sector
  • Started leasing vans in 2007
  • Forecasted to deliver 12500 vehicles in 2016
  • Live fleet of over 32,000 vehicles
  • 180 people in the business
  • 130 employed at Head Office
  • 50+ self employed regional representatives
  • New workshop facilities obtained in 2016
  • New Head Office ready from December 2016 with capacity for 250+ staff